Pharmnet Plus has suitable and adequate premises, installations and equipment, so as to ensure proper storage and distribution of medicinal products. All the premises are clean, dry and maintained within acceptable temperature limits.

All the premises within Pharmnet Plus warehouse were designed or adapted to ensure that the required storage conditions are maintained. They are secure, structurally sound and of sufficient capacity to allow safe storage and handling of the medicinal products.

Storage areas are provided with adequate lighting to enable all operations to be carried out accurately and safely.

Medicinal products are stored in segregated areas which are clearly marked and have access restricted to authorised personnel. Any system replacing physical segregation, such as electronic segregation based on a computerised system, provides equivalent security and is validated.

Products pending a decision as to their disposition or products that have been removed from saleable stock are segregated either physically or through an equivalent electronic system. This includes, for example, any product suspected of falsification and returned products. Medicinal products received from a third country but not intended for the Union market are also physically segregated. Any falsified medicinal products, expired products, recalled products and rejected products found in the supply chain will be immediately physically segregated and stored in a dedicated area away from all other medicinal products. The appropriate degree of security is applied in these areas to ensure that such items remain separate from saleable stock. These areas are clearly identified.

Pharmnet Plus is paying special attention to the storage of products with specific handling instructions as specified in national law. Pharmnet Plus owns special storage conditions (and special authorisations) for such products (e.g. narcotics and psychotropic substances).

Receiving and dispatch bays protect products from prevailing weather conditions. There is adequate separation between the receipt and dispatch and storage areas. In order to maintain control of inbound/ outbound goods, Pharmnet Plus implemented an ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Unauthorised access to all areas of the authorised premises is prevented through prevention measures which include a monitored intruder alarm system and appropriate access control. Visitors are always accompanied.

Pharmnet Plus owns suitable equipment and procedures that are in place to check the environment where medicinal products are stored. Environmental factors to be considered include temperature, light, humidity and cleanliness of the premises.

Temperature monitoring equipment are located according to the results of the mapping exercise, ensuring that monitoring devices are positioned in the areas that experience the extremes of fluctuations.

Equipment used to control or to monitor the environment where the medicinal products are stored are calibrated at defined intervals based on a risk and reliability assessment.

Pharmnet Plus owns appropriate alarm systems that are in place to provide alerts when there are excursions from pre-defined storage conditions. Alarm levels are appropriately set and alarms are regularly tested to ensure adequate functionality.